A Note from Elizabeth


After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, I worked as a Market Analyst, forecasting trends for the fashion industry in New York City. Realizing how much I loved design, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Interior Design at the prestigious New York School of Interior Design — the alma mater of the industry’s leading talents.

I received my design degree in 1994 after an intensive two years of studying drafting, color, business, building codes, mechanical systems, antique appraisal, and more. I have worked for some of NYC’s top firms on multi-million dollar projects for society-page clients.


Having been in the industry for 20 years gives me the advantage of having seen it all. Every project has its challenges and an experienced designer knows how to problem solve. I’ve developed a team of honorable vendors and contractors who are excellent troubleshooters whom I rely on and refer to with confidence. I don’t accept kickbacks nor do I mark up my resources so have nothing to gain by referring them other than the knowledge that my clients will be well-cared for and receive professional, timely service at competitive rates. If clients have their own resources, I am happy to work with them as well. I believe the best results come from working collaboratively.

Hiring a Designer vs Decorator. What’s the Difference?

The primary difference between a decorator and designer is that a designer requires a minimum of two years of training in the basic principles of architecture (drafting, CADD) as well as knowledge of business principles and the engineering of a house (heating & mechanical systems, building codes, lighting design, plumbing, etc.).